The LogFusion application is created to be an effective log checking instrument that makes parsing your logs simple. Exploit LogFusion's Row Highlighting and Text Filtering elements to rapidly channel your log and just demonstrate the applicable lines you are searching for. 

Utilize the Custom Columns highlight to let LogFusion parse and split your logs into isolated sections for less demanding perusing. Much the same as the famous "tail" program in Linux/Unix, LogFusion can likewise auto-parchment and dependably demonstrate to you the most up to date lines in your log documents continuously. 

LogFusion Pro Key 4.1 can stack any content logs, including web server logs, designer investigate logs and whatever other content that is yielded to a record. LogFusion can likewise read Event Logs continuously, and can even utilize it's effective Text Filtering and Row Highlighting elements to help you discover particular things.

LogFusion Features:

  •  Row Highlighting
  •  Advanced Text Filtering
  •  Watched Folders 
  • Custom Columns
  •  Sync Highlight Rules
  •  Auto-Scroll (like 'tail')
  •  Tabbed Interface
  •  Scrollbar Highlight Markings
  •  Pin 'Dependably on-Top' 
  • Elevation for Secure Logs
  •  Open Logs by means of Command Line
  •  Supported Log Types
  •  Text Files (any encoding) 
  • Event Logs
  •  Remote Event Logs
  • Event Channels Remote Event Channels
  •  OutputDebugString catch.


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