MediaPurge 5.61a Product Key  is a thorough and dependable programming arrangement created to give you a productive method for cleaning your arrangement of copies and duplicates, focusing on media records specifically, particularly sound and feature. 

Instinctive and simple to handle appearance 

The system includes a kind of wizard-style client interface, controlling you regulated through a whole operation and permitting you to pick the activity you need to perform. As being what is indicated, you can 'Discover Duplicate Files', 'Sort Files To Subdirectories', 'Alter File Names and Tags' or 'Synchronize Media Stocks', contingent upon your specific needs. 

Discover and toss copies or synchronize media stocks 

First off, you will need to pick the classification that you need to work in from the accessible ones, with every involving a few particular capacities. Picking one of these speaks to the second stride of the wizard, For example, the 'Discover Duplicate Files' class empowers you to search for "Copies" utilizing comparative record data, sound examination or indistinguishable document duplicates. The 'Sort Files to Subdirectories' part permits you to 'Manufacture Directory Structure from Tags' and also 'Assemble Directory Structure from File Names'. From the 'Alter File Names and Tags' segment, you can 'Reconstruct File Names From Tags', 'Include Tags/ From Filename', 'Alter File Names and Tags' and 'Duplicate or Remove Tags', whichever best satisfies your necessities. 

Additionally, the 'Synchronize Media Stocks' window helps you make a stock for two media stocks, by selecting the focused on envelopes and breaking down their substance, then contrasting them and replicating the missing things from one index to the next. 

A helpful instrument for taking out sound and feature copies 

To compress, MediaPurge Crack 5.61a is a helpful and successful application that can effectively help you in expelling duplicates of media documents from your PC, empowering you to spare space by erasing pointless records. 


  • Programmed quest for copies (likewise comparative) media records 

  • Programmed quest for copies utilizing sound correlation 

  • Look for media documents with the same size/ substance (labels excludable) 

  • Label based sorting of media records into subdirectories 

  • Filename based sorting of media records into subdirectories 

  • Programmed production of the Tags from the record name 

  • Programmed restore the record name from the ID3 labels 

  • Programmed duplicate/ evacuate individual/ complete labels 

  • Programmed altering document names and labels as per a userdefined plan 

  • Programmed stock synchronization (comparative documents avoided)


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