EasyNetMonitor Final Keys is an easy to-utilize utility that checks if a remote PC is available in your system. It focuses on a wide range of clients. After a brief establishment system, EasyNetMonitor makes a symbol in the framework plate zone. By opening the setting menu, you can include the same number of PC addresses as you need and make a different plate symbol for every one. 

From the Options board you can design a few settings, for example, setting up the time interim for the IP checkup, and also empowering the ping capacity when the plate menu is opening. Besides, EasyNetMonitor Final Version can be planned to keep running at Windows startup consequently and to log subtle elements to an outer record. It is likewise conceivable to debilitate EasyNetMonitor from the setting menu without really leaving the application. 

The system observing apparatus obliges a low amount of CPU and framework memory, so it doesn't trouble the PC's general execution. It has a decent reaction time to key strokes and mouse summons, and its exceptionally steady. The application didn't bring about us any troubles all through our assessment, such as hanging, smashing or demonstrating slip warnings. In spite of the fact that it is not exceptionally clever, EasyNetMonitor offers a straightforward and powerful answer for test if a PC is reachable by means of LAN


  • You don't have to introduce it, quite recently download and utilize free system screen EasyNetMonitor anyplace 

  • You can screen any web host 

  • Email notices (your PC name ought to be in English letters just!) 

  • Sound notices 

  • EasyNetMonitor is free


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